A Bright New Start

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As some of  you have probably seen recently on our Facebook page Ocean Park Camp and Retreat Center has a brand new ministry starting this fall, the Love, Laughter and Learning Center Christian Preschool.
Our local community has a lack of early childhood education opportunities, particularly if you are looking for a Christian option. The Love, Laughter and Learning Center has had a long history of offering just this on the peninsula, but through a variety of changes in their host site, and their staff, were not able to continue. They were excited about the possibilities of camp taking this on and so were we! 
This month we welcomed two classes of students ages 2 through 5. We have two amazing teachers who are looking forward to sharing the love of Christ with children and families in our local community! This project has truly been one of trusting God’s plan and seeking God’s will for our space. It has been one that the pieces have continued to fall into place from staffing, to families seeking us out, to donations, even long time camp supporters calling and saying “this is simply amazing, way to go!” At no point since we said yes has there been an obstacle! 
Now, that is not to say we expect the road to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is! There is certainly much to be done! But as we discerned whether this was the right path for OPCRC we turned to our mission statement: “to be sanctuaries of Christian hospitality, renewal and learning within God’s natural world. Sanctuaries that celebrate diversity, inspire love and service, and fulfill our special partnership with local churches in nurturing disciples and spiritual leaders”
What better age than preschool to start sharing God’s creation in this sacred space? What better age to start nurturing disciples and spiritual leaders? And what better way to inspire love and service than by meeting the needs of our local families in this way. God has blessed us already in this ministry, and we look forward to all that is yet to come!


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