Conference: 10 Questions To Ask Your Camper On The Way Home

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Written by Alan Rogstad (Camping ministries Executive Director) and Pam Murphy (Camping Ministries Director of Visual Outreach),

For some kids the ride home is an explosion of laugher and constant chatter of memories from the week. For those who are less naturally boisterous here are 10 questions you can ask them to get the conversation going.


1. Tell me about something that you did for the first time this week.

-Camp offers a safe place to do things for the first time so we hope your camper was able to experience something new and exciting.


2.What was the biggest challenge for you this week?

-One of our goals at our camps is to get kids out of their comfort zones just enough that it sparks growth. We love to see how kids grow in unexpected ways at camp.


3.Who was your favorite staff member? Why?

-For many campers, a staff member or counselor makes an impact that campers remember the rest of their lives. Our staff constantly strives to provide the ultimate experience for campers through a good balance of fun/crazy and caring/kind.


4.What was your favorite song? Will you sing it for me?

-We totally recognize that your teens are probably not going to want to sing for you...if you have a younger camper your chances are better 😉


5.What was the craziest or grossest thing someone did this week?

-The camp experience isn’t complete without getting a little dirty and a few wholesome shenanigans.


6.What was your favorite meal?

-We bet your camper will say…Taco Bar! Or….Pancakes! Or…well…ok…all the meals are good so they could tell you anything 😉 On second thought, let’s not bet on it.


7.Tell me about 3 new friends you made?

-Some of our favorite stories to hear are when life-long friendships are made at camp. We hope your camper was able to connect with some new people this summer.


8.What did you learn about God/Jesus that you could share with others?

-This year’s curriculum theme is “The Way” based off Ephesians 5: 1-2 “Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved children, and living in love, as Christ loved us.” In addition our daily themes are: Feeding, Forgiving, Loving the Neighbor, Serving Humbly, and Prayer. Maybe ask your camper more specific questions based off those themes?


 9.What was your favorite part of the week?

-No explanation needed…”nuf said” 😉


10.What camp session do you want to go to next summer and who do you want to invite?

-Our camps offer a variety of camp sessions for every interest and age. We’d love to see your camper return plus their friends to share the experience with next year. Here is a sneak peek on our discounts and deals for next year:

-Early Bird Registration Discount: If you register by April 1st 2018 you get $20 off registration instantly!

-Bring A Friend Deal: When you recommend a new friend to camp we will give you and your friend a sweet exclusive t-shirt and $25 to the camp store! Make sure to register by June 1st for this one!

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