How to dress for summer in Ocean Park

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Summer in Ocean Park is just a little different. While you may be sitting in Seattle or Yakima thinking of ways to cool off, there isn’t much likelihood that will be necessary out here on the dunes of the Long Beach Peninsula! With a high of 65 degrees what is generally to be expected you will probably want some length to your pant legs and shirt sleeves, particularly in the mornings and evenings! Now, the good news is: no stinky tee shirts, no hiding from the sun, and the sand is warm between your toes! 


If you are a local you are likely to resort to drastic cooling measures if it hits 60 degrees and sunny:

Otherwise we recommend layers... 

Some come prepared: 

It is ok to get creative:

and of course, we are always happy to get you some cool OP gear to add to your wardrobe! 

So pack your bags and get out here for part of your summer! But hurry, those east-side temperatures are looking downright miserable! 

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