Indianola: Getting the Word Out

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Written by Darin Gemmer: Indianola Director, 

There are a lot of great things happening at Camp Indianola:

  • We’ve double the weeks of camp we’re offering and have increased the number of campers registered so far by 55%.
  • We’ve added new activities ß(link last blog post) and hired a group of excited summer staffers
  • The facilities have never looked better with more open views, manicured lawns, and a new campfire area for gathering and worship

We hear often how grateful people are to be able to spend time here, and I always reply, “It’s a beautiful place and we love to share it.” Unfortunately, very few people know about Indianola, and fewer still have been here.

To that end, we’ve really stepped up our efforts to tell more people in Kitsap County about camp. We’ve placed signs outside the exits of every elementary and middle school in North Kitsap. And now, thanks to the support of a few local congregations, thousands of people every day are learning that Camp Indianola exists and that it is a place of belonging, safety, and wonder.

Thanks so much to Seabold UMC on Bainbridge Island and Silverdale UMC for letting us put up banners in really key locations that will bring more campers to camp. This is a great, easy way to support the ministry of Camp Indianola.

So, I’d love to hear if and in what ways your local church supports camping ministry in your area. Leave a comment giving your church a shout out.

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