Indianola: Hashtags and Emojis

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Written by Colby Evans (High School Camper),

Most of my summers are usually packed full of baseball tournaments, traveling all over Washington and occasionally going to different states. Camp indianola is that one place I can get away from the hectic baseball scene.


If I were to explain camp with two hashtags and two emojis my first hashtag would be #Rare because camp itself is a very rare place, you can't find many places like it, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, there's also no camp like it, every year there's always something new and exciting. I started going to camp when I was seven-years-old and I am now seventeen. I hope to be able to work there one day as well, because once you get the taste of camp you want to keep going back over and over again.


My second hashtag would be #Together because everything you do at camp is together, whether it's eating meals, to playing games, or just sitting at camp fire. When you're at camp you're basically in a big family for a week of your summer camp playing games and most importantly worshiping God. Camp brings people closer and closer each year. I have made many friends at camp that I still talk to, to this day.

The first emoji I’d chose to explain camp would be the Alien emoji, because camp is out of this world. I don't know how many times I can say it. There's nothing like camp and I love going back each and every year. There are countless things you can do at camp like arts and crafts, fort building, kayaking, playing games or even just hanging out on slack hill with all your friends. Those are just some of the activities at camp.

The second emoji I'd chose is the stack of pancakes. I saved this one for last because if you haven't gone to Camp Indianola then you have no idea how amazing the food is. They make the best food. And yes they do have gluten free alternatives as well! Every bite you take into the food they make is like taking a little bite of heaven.


Another reason I love camp is because all the staff members are super nice and always friendly. They'll do anything it takes so you have an amazing time. And when I say all of them are nice I truly mean it. Anyone from the kitchen to the office or to the site staff. Everyone is friendly as can be and they want to insure that you have the best time of your life while you're at camp.

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