Indianola: New Team Members

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A few months back we told you about some of the new activities that we’ve added for this summer. And this month we’re excited to tell you about a few more new additions just in time for Summer 2017! Unfortunately we don’t yet know what to call them…

Meet our new team members!

Campers and guests will soon be greeted by a few friendly goats. And when they’re not greeting guests and entertaining campers, they’ll be helping us clear invasive blackberries and ivy.

As I mentioned, they came to us sans names, so we need your help. We’ve posted a picture of one goat on our Facebook and the other on our Instagram. Each has five names in five comments and you can vote for your favorite name by liking that comment. If you can’t choose, you can pick more than one, that’s fine. And if you want your vote to count for double, like the name you want then post a comment saying which name and why. The names with the most votes and comments by Next Friday (June 23rd) will win. Make sure you check out both, as some names have a partner name that would go well together.

And sadly, while we’d love to accept other suggestions beyond our 10 offerings, just take a look at what happened when England did that with a boat last year.

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