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The Father, Our Faith, and Tons of Fun

Written by Michael Larson-Teeters,

The unfamiliar blue skies at Ocean Park this year paired perfectly with the blazing orange tint of the traditional campfire. This wasn’t my first time at Ocean Park, but it was as a camper, I’m a graduated senior from the camp and it was a completely different experience than being a counselor. Senior High was unsurprisingly interested in furthering their faith and bursting out of their shells into insanely quirky people at the same time. Junior/Senior High camp was a memorable one to say the least so I thought we might as well remember with a few hashtags and emojis.


“And Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Hey Chicken…,’” Pastor Casey said. In the midst of morning watch a chicken had decided to say hello to all of our campers and proceeded to leave a present right at Pastor Casey’s feet. The whole event displayed that although everyone at the camp was serious about furthering their faith they weren’t opposed to the multitudes of fun we would have whilst doing it.


Another chicken related story here. If you couldn’t tell Brandon, the camp director, owns a lot of free range chickens. Throughout the week the boys side of the Ocean View cabin was constantly woken up by the rooster that crows from 5:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. everyday. The constant crowing of the rooster fed into a bunch of rooster jokes during the week including my personal favorite, “A broken rooster is right twice a day.”

I’m using this emoji to describe the small group games. This was the actual reaction of the GGG (Giant Green Glob) after an upset victory over the stacked team in the Military Blueberries. My team, the Purple Portapotties, came in dead last despite our amazing team name. The small group games really brought the whole camp together regardless of who won. It was really fun to compete even if we did finish dead last in almost every event.

The cool guy is to show how cool it was to watch everyone at camp grow in their faith. I came into camp with my faith being questioned a bit but by the end of camp I realized how much my faith had grown. And I saw others around me have the exact same transformation. Pastor Kacie truly inspired and changed people’s lives over the past week.


Now, as the sun set ended every day of the week at Ocean Park, this post must come to an end as well. So now that I’ve shared some of my favorite memories of Ocean Park Junior/Senior High camp this year, please share your favorite camp memories too.

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