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Our four sites are available for year-round rental. Retreats, adults or children, educational and spiritual, recreational, non-profit groups, faith-based and secular organizations, public and private schools, scouts, reunions. Please contact the site directly for rental. To inquire about renting one of our camps, contact them using the links below.    

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Lazy F


UMC Sponsored Retreats

Camp and Retreat Centers are not just for Summer Camp! Our camps host many of their own events: retreats for men, women, families,  youth, youth workers, older adults, younger adults, and more! Check out our upcoming retreats below.

Lazy Daze

Lazy F


September 13-15, 2016 (Tue-Thur)

$160 (additional $15 for Skyline lodging) 

Lazy F is the perfect setting for this end of the summer program specifically designed for older adults to stretch their minds and bodies, relax, meet new folks or reconnect with friends and grow in faith. Activities during Lazy Daze are varied and often include educational sessions led by local experts that may include renewable energy, native plants and local geology. Also included are small group Bible studies, engaging discussions and worship. A regular feature is sharing books read and movies seen in recent months. Time is available for hiking, fishing, crafts, games or other activities led by the participants. Our clean, comfortable accommodations include a limited number of rooms in Skyline ($15 additional per person, double occupancy) with private bathrooms and rooms in Ridgeview with a community bathroom on each wing. We also are very proud of our quality meal service that caters to our guests with food sensitivities.

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