Twinlow: The Best Little Town in America

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The Best Little Town in America: Twinlow Community Involement 

Written by The Twinlow Staff,


Rathdrum Idaho, a small town where we have the pleasure of living as staff at Twinlow Camp. I know most folks would see it as a “cute” little town they pass through on their way north to Sandpoint or Canada, but to us it is the best little town in America. Twinlow is blessed to be a part of this amazing community. Please take some time with us to learn how and why:


  1. Local Businesses here are wonderful places with the nicest people. A lot of the behind the scenes work at camp means getting to know those who work in our awesome little town. In some cases, they give us store credit which helps us be efficient with our time and money. In all cases, they serve us well and we are blessed to give them our business and many of our guests use them as well. Here are a few of our favorite local businesses:
    • - (Post Office) Weekly trips to the post office is part of our routine here at Twinlow. The ladies at the post office know who we are and are the biggest highlight to the weekly errand.
    • - (Paul Bunyan) This chain of legendary restaurants can be found only in North Idaho. The one located in Rathdrum is a summer staff favorite.
    • - (Steins) It is a local grocery store with a lot of charm and one of the best florist shops around! Twinlow has been using Stein’s Grocery for years and every year they show their support by promoting our camp to local kids.
    • - (Rathdrum Hardware) At camp things often wear out or break, then it’s time to head to our favorite hardware store. More than once the folks at Rathdrum Hardware have made sure Twinlow had what it needed instead of trying to make a buck by selling us something we didn’t. Also, they have free popcorn to snack on while you shop.
    • - (Westwood Gardens) Twinlow grows as much of our own produce as we can, many times this summer our gardens supplied the yummy selection in our salad bar. Our first stop every spring for our gardening needs is always Westwood Gardens
    • - (Dashco Gas Station) Mostly in the summer, but year round as well, Dashco keeps us fueled up for adventure. This local gas station is more than the place to grab gas for the boat it also has a delicious selection of ice cream as well!
  1. Twin Lakes Improvement Association is a local organization that was formed to keep our beautiful lakes clean and full. Did you know that there is a creek (Fish Creek) that feeds the lake we get to play in all summer? A few years ago that creek started to die and the future of our lakes was bleak. In came the Twin Lakes Improvement Association. Made up of community members who have taken a personal interest in saving the lake. Twinlow supports the goal of the association by every year helping with the Fish Creek Restoration project, we send hundreds of volunteers through Idaho Mission Project to help keep the Twin Lakes thriving. We also donate time and meeting space to meetings, hearings, and anything else the association would need.
  2. Our mission program, Idaho Mission Project, helps many local organizations every summer with hundreds of volunteers. This summer, IMP servants helped the Lions Club with their pumpkin patch, the proceeds from the pumpkin patch will go to help veterans in need of medical supplies. In addition, these young volunteers also cut, stack, haul, and deliver wood to locals with Elder Help, that wood will be used in our long winters to keep them warm.


Rathdrum is a city that looks out for each other. Twinlow staff help stuff backpacks so our local kids have food to eat during the summer. Community members come to Twinlow for their weddings, their retreats, their family reunions, and we are making progress on making sure we are the first thought for summer camp for our families.


So if you’re ever in the area stop on by, we would love to meet you for a milkshake at Paul Bunyan’s!

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