Twinlow: Blessed by our donors

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written by Kristen "Moonie" Moon, Twinlow Camp Assistant Director of Program and Retreats

photos by Tyler Wagner, Twinlow Camp Director

It is hard to live in our country and not hear about campaign donations. No matter what your personal beliefs are, I think we can all agree that we are tired of hearing about them. Also, donating to a politician might feel like throwing good money after bad. Twinlow is blessed to have many creative donors who contribute more than funds to our ministry. Here is a small glimpse of what we have been blessed to receive this year.


A dual waffle maker! This is our newest donation.

There’s a lot going on here. The paint, the time of those who painted, the jars, the shelves, and most of the supplies in our craft cabin were all generously donated.

One of our five standup paddleboards!

We received a bundle of new PFDs all ready for next summer!

Have a seat in our lovely Adirondack chairs.

New doors on our Dining Hall! There’s also new paint and many other fancy updates. This was all possible from donations raised earlier this year.

Where do retired chainsaws go? Not to Florida, but their local camp!

Have a vehicle your family isn’t using? Donate it to our Day Camp vehicle fleet!...

...These gently used minivans and SUVs will get to bring camp all over the PNW as a part of our Community Day Camp Program.

Thank you to all of our donors! There are so many ways in which Twinlow receives love from our community. If you have something you think would bless our ministry feel free to contact us. As you can see, donations come in all shapes and sizes.

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