Twinlow: Where I Grow (Hashtags and Emoji)

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By Sam “Tink” Wallace, CIT

When I think of Twinlow there is so much that runs through my mind, the games, the people, swimming; however, an important thing that comes to mind is how much I’ve grown here. There is so much that grows and changes here from day 1 to now and it is truly amazing to see God at work here, because He is here and I feel His presence all the time.

On social media we use these things called hashtags (#) to describe or mark how much fun we’ve had somewhere. For me personally there are so many to choose from when describing camp.


One I think really gets the idea of camp is #BEBOLD. And the reason I chose this one is because every year at camp we sing the song Be Bold and everyone enjoys it so much. However, another reason I chose this one was because you have to be bold to try new things and keep going. I was always scared to try new things, but with a little help I grew past that and now I’m stronger.


Another hashtag I would choose is #somuchmore because you get so much out of camp than you would expect and that is so cool. There are relationships that get built between us all, campers and counselors. We have so much time together throughout our day and each person can bring in a new perspective and it helps a lot to hear that and see it. It’s really what makes the week so meaningful to me.


When you’re on your phone outside of camp of course we text with these things called emoji’s.

When asked to describe camp I immediately thought of the sleep emoji. The reason I thought of that is because everyday we are up and about playing hard all day long. With all the games and activities we have by the end of the day we are ready to rest and do it all again. But it’s not only the games but the walking as well, for example, when we go to Morning Watch the way up can make me tired sometimes but it fuels me with God's love for the rest of the day. By bedtime however, I’m ready to rest up and be ready for the next day.

If I were to choose one more emoji it would be the sunglasses emoji because personally I wear sunglasses a lot when outside in the sun. I almost always leave with a very impressive sunglasses tan around my eyes and it’s always so funny. But I also label that emoji as cool which incidentally enough tis how I describe the whole camp. Out of the 7 years I’ve been here it’s (mostly) been sunny and beautiful weather to swim, wear sunglasses, and hang out. Honestly I can’t see it any other way.


Obviously I have a lot to say and I could say so much more because I’ve grown a lot these past seven years and I’m super excited to become a counselor. One week is never enough honestly because I love everyone here so much, but I’m excited to see where this will take me next. So I just want to thank all the Twinlow staff for their unending love and support to all of us as we come and go. That has really helped me grow into the person I want to be here.

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