Twinlow: Funny entries from the Twinlog

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by Tyler Wagner, Director Twinlow Camp

For this month’s blog post, we are digging through the archives to share some headlines from the past. The “TwinLog” was a student production that was put together each week during the summer season from the summers of 1935 – the mid 1940s to help keep the community informed for those apart of the Twinlow Park Institute. Everything was in there from how much food was consumed, to the injury report, to recaps of that day’s baseball game.

As we continue our work here at Twinlow to learn about where we have come from to help guide where we are going, we remind those of you out there to share your materials and stories you have to help us tell the Twinlow Story.

The following are some excerpts from 1937.

 “Thursday afternoon, a petition was born regarding privileges for Party Nite for the 1937 season. The petition reads as follow:

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Student Council of the Institute at Twinlow Park to take steps necessary to secure for the students……the following privileges for Party Nite, July 23.

  1. Permission for a night swim from 9:30 to 10pm
  2. Permission for parties to leave the Institute ground – under proper supervision of course – parties being held 10—11:45pm.
  3. “Retreat” blown at 11:45 and “Taps” at 12:15am Saturday.

We who sign this give our sincere promise to act in an orderly manner all evening and go to bed immediately and to be quiet as soon as “Taps” is blown.

At 4 o’ck this afternoon, 93 signatures were on the petition. Eight who were approached did not sign.


Announcement from the Dean:
Please set your Watch with the bugler because he now has the correct time.


Camp Counselors take notice,

The counselors and they know who they are, are fast becoming the problem children of the camp. They’re doing a good job about the camp but our complaint is about the council meetings. These meetings have been called time and again to discuss some of the important matters of the camp, but no counselors or at the most very few show up. Perhaps the counselors have something more important come up at the last moment, which is doubtful. What is more essential then the correct running of the camp? We hope that this editorial will make them sit up and take notice.


Twinlow Song

In the mountains of Idaho,
Lies a lake of surpassing charm,
Where the youth of the golden west
Meet in summer time’s golden balm

Singing Twinlow., Twinlow Park
Glorious Lake, wonderful fellowship
Twinlow, Twinlow Park
For youth of the golden west

When the sun from the mystic cast light
Paints the hilltops with golden hue
We gather to sing to God
our praises from morn anew

When eventide’s shadows fall
Upon the lake and shore
The glow of the fire uniteds
Our Hearts forevermore


An editorial note,

It’s wonderful. That is what the majority of us who are fortunate enough to attend Twinlow are saying. Yes Twinlow is wonderful. It’s wonderful not only because of the fun we have but because of our splendid classes, instructors, and inspirational services. How many of us get the most we can form it all? That is the great serious question to be considered today. Let’s absorb all of the spiritual enlightenment we can and let’s seal it tightly in our minds, Saturday afternoon, we will again return home. Let’s tell others about it. Let’s spread the Christian Spirit. Remember the youth of today are the men and women of tomorrow.

We agree with this editor – some things never change!


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