Benefits of Camp

A camp experience can be one of the most powerful and formative times in one’s life. Camp can often be the first opportunity for kids and youth to develop their “unique voice” that will serve them throughout their lives. Discovering leadership potential, experiencing an intentional Christian community, discovering the outdoors, building self-esteem, and strengthening personal faith is all central to what the camp experience is all about. Plus, it’s just plain FUN!

Social Skills Development


Self-Respect and Character Building


Community Living and Service Skills


Spiritual Enrichment

Learning about God
Christian Faith and Values
Bible Stories
Faith Traditions


Camp & Retreat Ministry: Your Partner in Christian Education and Life

Summer camp has traditionally be a place for children and youth to have fun in the outdoors. They have opportunities to learn and practice skills such as riding a horse, paddling a canoe, shooting an arrow, or playing sports. We are pleased to have camps for adults and entire families.

At our United Methodist Camp & Retreat Centers, campers also learn and practice skills that enhance their spiritual life.

Hearing and Responding to stories from the Bible
Using scripture passages from the Bible to create meaning in their own lives
Having Christian conversations with campers and leaders
Leadership about other cultures and faith traditions
Expressing their faith through arts, crafts, drama, and music
Leading worship and other faith formation programs
Living in Christian community with leaders modeling Christian faith and values
Developing a heightened awareness of the natural world and learning about God’s desire for us to care for the earth